Baby-In-Walker Driving Contest 2008 开心宝宝学步车比赛

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Baby-In-Walker Driving Contest 2008
News write up from local newspapers:

Can your precious baby walk around using baby walker yet? If your baby can, and is able to do it so fast that no one else can catch up, then maybe you would like to consider enrolling your baby in the upcoming Baby-In-Walker Driving Contest, organized jointly by Mummycare and Crown Square management, sponsored by MamyPoko diapers and MY DEAR baby products,as one of the activities for Mummycare’s 12th Anniversary Celebration.

If your baby is the first to arrive at the finishing of the “Happy Obstacle Course” set up by the organizers you stand to walk away as the happiest mom in the world with the Grand Prize worth more than RM700! This Grand Prize is inclusive of RM300 cash vouchers and a one-year supply of Mamypoko diapers!

To be eligible as a participant of this contest, your baby has to be of age between 6 to 11 months old on the day of the contest. He or she must also be able to walk around using a baby walker, and you must have also spent at least RM30 in a single receipt at Mummycare within the registration period. However, babies who already are able to walk independently without a baby walker or without any other forms of aid or people’s help before the contest commences, cannot be considered for the contest.

Apart from the Grand Prize, there are also many others prizes to be won. The First Runner-up will walk away with RM200 cash vouchers, a trophy and 3 packs of Mamypoko diapers. The Second Runner-up will receive RM100 cash vouchers, a trophy and 2 packs of Mamypoko diapers. The Third Runner-up will get RM50 cash vouchers, a trophy and also 2 packs of Mamypoko diapers. The Fourth and Fifth Runner-ups will get RM50 cash vouchers and a trophy each.

In addition to that, the judging panel will also select the most skillful and polite participant for the “Best Driver of the Year” award. This baby will receive a RM50 cash voucher, a medallion and a pack of Mamypoko diapers. All other participants will also receive a RM20 cash voucher and a medallion each as an appreciation of their participation. No matter if your baby wins or not, participation in such family activities is always good for the babies and help to foster family ties.

This contest is limited to 36 participants only. With its uniqueness and the attractive prizes, there would be many interested participants. Register early to avoid disappointment! Registration is open from 12 April till 18 May 08, and can be done at Mummycare Crown Square.

Interested parties may drop by any Mummycare outlets, call Tel: 082-237271 (Wisma Saberkas) or 082-338100 (Crown Square), or visit for more information.


您的小宝宝能够“以车代步”了吗?如果使用学步车的他是如此“健步如飞” 的话,那不妨让他来报名参加由Mummycare 婴儿用品中心为庆祝开张十二周年,和皇冠广场 (Crown Square) 联合主办,MamyPoko超强吸收纸尿片以及MY DEAR 婴幼儿产品联合赞助的2008年开心宝宝学步车比赛。


只要您的宝宝年龄在参赛当天是介于6个月至11个月之间,懂得使用学步车自在的走动,并且在报名期间内于Mummycare 以单张收据消费满30令吉,您即可为您的宝宝报名参加此项比赛。需注意的是,宝宝如果在比赛当时已经能够在没有学步车的帮助下独立步行,便不再适于参赛了。



这项比赛只公开给36名宝宝参加。由于奖品丰富,赛事新鲜,相信肯定会吸引到不少的参赛者,为免失望,有兴趣者必从速报名。 您可在4月12日至5月18日之间前往皇冠广场的Mummycare婴儿用品专卖店报名。

有兴趣者也可亲自到Mummycare柜台询问,或致电082-338100 (皇冠广场)及082-237271(青统大厦),或上网 了解更多详情。

Download link to Baby-In-Walker Registration Form

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