September Winners for Bumble Bee 7pcs Bedding Set Lucky Draw

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First of all, we apologize for the delay in this announcement. But here is the good news for our September 2010 winners!

They are Liew Sam Ho and Clarinda Wong. Congratulations to both of them!!!

Don’t be upset if you are not the winner, as we still have 4 more sets to give away. Your entries that were submitted for the previous months will still be brought forward to this month for the remaining lucky draws. Miracle does happen sometimes. =)

Off topic a bit, for those of you who have joined our previous two contests: Baby-In-Walker Contest and A Day of Super Dad Contest 2010, there are various photo albums available at our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure. Do visit us at our Facebook Fan page

See you there!

4 Responses to “September Winners for Bumble Bee 7pcs Bedding Set Lucky Draw”

  1. Liew Sam Ho says:

    Never know i got a lucky draw, it’s my friend who informed me as i’am oustation in China last 2 weeks. hehe

    • admin says:

      Hi! That’s mean you are lucky! Congratulations!

      We will inform you on the prize giving dates. Please bear with us for a little while more. =)

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