Mummycare & Kiddycare Xmas Sales starts today!

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This is the final SALE of the year, that everyone’s waiting for: Christmas Sales!

Yes, Christmas is coming, and now we hear the heart-warming Christmas songs everywhere we go. Mummycare and Kiddycare outlets are now fully decorated with all the Christmas deco… in order to bring you the joyous moment for this season.

And most of important of all, we would like to share with you all here what are some of the highlights of the Christmas Sales this year. Bear in mind that these are only “part” of the Sales, and do expect for more SURPRISES that are on your way…

Don’t forget the upcoming event: Baby Crawling Contest 2009 which will be held on 22 November 09, this coming Sunday at Crown Square. In conjunction with this Contest, Mamypoko will be organizing free diaper pant change for all Mummycare Crown Square customers on that day itself. If you come with a different diaper brand worn on your baby, feel free to change to MamyPoko Pant Value to give it a try! Absolutely free, only on 22 November 09!

Also, not forgetting that there will be cash rebates for all MamyPoko Diaper Jumbo Pack, from size Newborn to XXL. Again, this is a ONE-DAY only event.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping 2009.

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