Kiddy Fun Club – DIY Coin Bank Workshop 1 & 2

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We come to our third week of Kiddy Fun Club Workshops. This week, the kids are learning to create a coin bank from the materials provided. Guidance is provided too. Sounds easy, but when you are really into making it, it is indeed requires quite a bit of skill, and a lot of patience.

Before they can start colouring it, the kids actually need to glue it up first to become a use-able coin bank.

Younger kids normally come with assistants. They have nice sisters to help them with the “job”.

This young lady is very clever and pro-active. She can do a lot on her own.

Free-hand drawing… cool.

Like this lion? It has an adorable face, not fierce at all, wearing shirts and necklace! Obviously, a neat girl’s work.

A group photos with all the coin banks done.

Happily showing off his powerful lion coin bank.

Another great work done.

This is the second group of kids joining the workshop.

Happy sisters.

This boy is very much tidier than the rest of the boys.

She is a neat and tidy girl too, never see much mess around her working area. And nice job is done as well.

Cute kitten… just like herself.

Another great free-hand artist.

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