K’s Kids Mother’s Whisper Recording Cot Mobile & Night Light

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This is a lovely and multi-function product from K’s Kids, a famous name in the baby industry.

We all know, newborn babies love to be close to moms and they feel secured when they can hear their moms. With this cot mobile, baby not only can listen to their mother’s pre-recorded whisper, they can also listen to the familiar heart beat and womb sound of the mother, just like when they are still in mom’s tummy!

Famous characters like Patrick and Bobby are available. We also include a Demo video here. Click to read more.

Even better, there are also classical music and the additional Night Light function, providing a soothing atmosphere for the babies in their cosy little cot.  What’s more, it is currently on Special Offer!

Here is a Demo video on this product, it includes details like the many benenficial features of it, and also showing you the assembly steps to get it working.

Link to Product Details: Patrick, Bobby

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