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Moo Moo Kow Baby Cloth Diaper

Mummycare has recently bring in a new environmental-friendly product.  Moo Moo Kow TM , this is an easy-to-use baby cloth diaper that grows with your baby.

The Moo Moo Kow TM One Size Cloth Diaper have been a favourite for most mommies.

Why & what makes these diapers so great!?

  • One Size fits all, tested to fits baby from about 3kg to 18kg
  • Four size adjustments to fit your baby best – Small, Medium Short, Medium & Large
  • The soft elastic gathers are incredible at containing leaks while being so gentle on baby’s tender skin
  • The soft inner suede cloth keeps that keeps the baby’s skin dry
  • The durable waterproof breathable fabric is soft and stretchy

There are two types of cloth diaper, one is Snaps and the other one is Aplix. Snaps cloth diapers are fastened by buttons, whereas Aplix cloth diapers are fastened by velcro. Velcro is easy and fast, suitable for younger babies. Snaps button are more secured for wearing, which is more suitable for elder babies or toddlers that move about a lot and at the same time keeping the cloth diaper in place.