Baby Cuties Photo Contest: Contestants #41-60

The 3rd batch of the contestants’ photos are actually published on last Sunday (15/11/09). We are sorry for the delay as we only being informed yesterday and received the newspaper cut out today. Sorry once again for the inconvenience caused.

To make things easier for the parents, we have received confirmation from the See Hua Daily Newdspaper management that the rest of the photos will be published on every Tuesday and Saturday, with a “space allocation” rule applies. That is: “if it is not out on Tuesday, it will definitely out on Wednesday; if it is not published on Saturday, it will then be published on Sunday. ” As newspaper has to serve public needs, we have to abide by their space allocation priorities.

So Parents, just look out for the newspaper on these specific days, Tuesday or Wednesday, and Saturday or Sunday. We will still continue to update the photos published on this website just like what we did before. But there won’t be any tips on which day the rest of the photos will be published, as the pattern is set.

As promised, here is the 3rd batch of the Contestants’ photos.

Baby Cuties Photo Contest: Contestants #21-40

The 2nd batch of the contestants’ photos was published today on the See Hua Daily newspaper. Here is the scanned copy of the image.

We have the cut-out too displayed in our Mummycare & Kiddycare outlets for your viewing pleasure.

Baby Cuties Photo: Next Publish

Dear Parents, we are informed that there will be a second publish on Tuesday (10/11/2009) Wednesday (11/11/2009) on See Hua Daily (诗华日报) for the next batch of participants’ photos.  Do keep a look out for it.

We understand that parents are curious and want to know when will the kids’ photos be out on the newspaper. We will try to update on this website as and when we receive confirmed news about the time of publish. Please stay with us for the updates.

Baby Cuties Photo

First batch of Baby Cuties Photo Contest was published on the See Hua Daily Newspaper today.

Aren’t they cute?

Well, now is the time to start voting!

Baby Cuties Photo Contest: Behind the Camera

Managed to take some of the “Behind the Camera” photos while our Photographer Micheal is busy taking his professional photos.

Sorry parents, the webmaster’s camera is too “advance” such that the memory card went full very fast. So not all participants are taken with these “Behind the Camera” scenes.  Sharing it to all of you here, just for fun.


Can Your Baby Crawl?

For those who have registered for the Mummycare Baby Crawling Contest, or for those who are interested to join but not yet submitted your form, if you want to learn more about encouraging your baby to crawl “efficiently”, you may want to watch this video.

Let’s Crawl, Baby! Baby Crawling Contest 2009
“爬吧!宝宝!” 第二届Mummycare宝宝爬爬乐竞赛

“When does baby start crawling?” is perhaps one of the questions most often asked by parents. When we talk about crawling, we are actually referring to (1) crawling on hands and knees, or (2) crawling with hands and feet (just like bear walking), or (3) “Commando” crawling means using forearms, or (4) “Bum shuffling” which means moving forward by using feet and buttocks. So, at what age does baby start crawling?

Under normal circumstances, about 50% of infants can crawl at 7 months, some can do so at 10 months and most of the infants would have mastered it at 11 months. Infants crawl when they have learned and fully mastered the skills needed to crawl. These skills are not only neurological skills, but they also need a certain amount of physical strength. Hence, it can be a very personal learning process and subject to the family support that an infant is exposed to. Can your baby crawl now? If he or she can crawl in whichever styles that we mentioned above, even better if he or she can do it fast, then don’t miss this Baby Crawling Contest 2009 organized by Mummycare!

Contest Details

This Contest will be held on 22 November 2009, Sunday morning at Crown Square Imperial hall. The event is organized by Mummycare & Kidycare with support from Crown Square Management, and jointly sponsored by Bumble Bee Quality Baby Products, Mamypoko Disposable Diapers, Combi and Daihua Toys Importer-Exporter. The fastest baby to reach the finishing point of the well-designed “Fun & Crawl Explorer Lane” and shut out all the tempting objects, he or she will be the Champion of the day – a winner who can bring home the Grand Prize which costs more than Rm800 in total!

The Grand Prize for Champion includes:

Mamypoko Hamper worth Rm350,
Bumble Bee Hamper worth Rm250,
Rm200 Cash Voucher and a Grand Trophy.

The “Fun & Crawl Explorer Lane” will be carefully designed and built by Mummycare, cushioned by soft floor mat to prevent babies from possible injury during their crawl. There will be scattered yet safe obstacles and tempting objects on the lane. Whether or not the baby can resist all temptation and finally reach at the finishing point, it all depends on the baby’s self-disciplined and parent’s leadership during the Contest.