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Gingerly Yours


Created from a Traditional Remedy, Gingerly Yours is a premium, pure, lightweight body cream that effectively dispel wind to reduce bloated tummy and promote better digestion.

Indulge in the Warming sensation of this old ginger remedy that helps to Slenderize waistline, Reduced bloated tummy and Tighten flabby thighs.

Gingerly Yours Body Cream is an multi-purpose fast relief remedy that is naturally formulated to serve your daily needs

During Pregnancy (Avoid applying on tummy)

  • Suitable to use relieve backache or joint pain.
  • Reduce water retention

After Pregnancy

  • Reduce water retention
  • Reduce Wind in tummy
  • Slenderize Waist and Thighs

Normal Usage

  • Reduce Wind in bloated tummy
  • Provide quick relief to soothe body muscle aches
  • Reduce joints pain in Rheumatism & Arthritis especially for elderly
  • Promote Better Digestion
  • Ideal for after  sport activities.

Suitable for adults, Pre/post pregnancy , Elderly and children above 10 years old.

Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the specific body area once or twice a day.

For external usage only. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive area.

Can be used with Belly Hipster Wrap for better result.

Ingredient: Pure Ginger Extract, Acri Tamer940, Pure Water

Product Origin: Taiwan

Packaging: 80g

Price: MYR89.90


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