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Belly Hipster Wrap


Conceptualizing Traditional wrap with a modern twist in design, Belly Hipster Wrap, an All-In-One binder that targets to flatten, trim bloated tummy and help to shrink and tone expanded hips. It provides excellent back support, reduces wind from entering the tummy while ensuring proper posture especially during breastfeeding and not forgetting tightening of the hip area.

Belly Hipster Wrap is the combination of an abdominal & hip binder that consist of 3 adjustable elastic velcro bands wore across the front of the body from the rib bone area all the way covering the hips. It’s unique design secures the body tightly preventing the binder from rolling upwards.

Made with lightweight premium Batik material, it allows the skin to breathe and provides great comfort and convenience. It is simple to wear, time saving and getting 2 effects at the same time.

Suitable for all women, especially beneficial and effective after pregnancy. For caesarean delivery, wear the wrap after the incision is healed. Belly Hipster Wrap is a Must-Have to get back in shape effectively.

Available for size as below

Size XS: Waist 24" to 32"; Hip 30" to 39"

Size S: Waist 27" to 39"; Hip 33" to 40"

Size M: Waist 40" to 49"; Hip 42" to 53"

Size L: Waist 44" to 51"; Hip 48" to 56"

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Price: MYR206.90


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