Kiddy Fun Club – Clay Painting Workshop 1 & 2

Really sorry, this post has been delayed for so long before it finally appears here.  These were the last two workshops for this series of activities organized jointly by Kiddycare as well as the management of Crown Square.

Clay Painting,  is one of the interesting Arts activities that everyone enjoys.  When I say everyone, it really means everyone, including kids and adults. Some of the pictures below will explain why this is so.

A lot of parents asked, whether there will be more this kind of workshop in future. We do plan for that, seeing that there are lots of interests and inquiries around, and hopefully it will be here soon in the near future. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below.


Kiddy Fun Club – Badge Making Workshop 1 & 2

Making a badge yourself is as easy as 1-2-3, all you need is the Badge Master which is available at Kiddycare.  The Badge Master provides everything you need to make  a badge out of the box itself, such as the cartoon designs, protective vinyl sheets, metal plates, safety pins and etc.

The kids learned how to operate that tool last weekend, and apart from the cartoons and images provided with the package, we also showed to the kids how they can use their own image to make a badge they desired, with a little help from the accessories.


Kiddy Fun Club – DIY Coin Bank Workshop 1 & 2

We come to our third week of Kiddy Fun Club Workshops. This week, the kids are learning to create a coin bank from the materials provided. Guidance is provided too. Sounds easy, but when you are really into making it, it is indeed requires quite a bit of skill, and a lot of patience.

Before they can start colouring it, the kids actually need to glue it up first to become a use-able coin bank.


Kiddy Fun Club – Sand Art Workshop 1 & 2

One week has passed and now we are having another round of Kiddy Fun Club workshops.

Yesterday and today about 3pm, we have our Sand Art workshops at 2nd floor of Crown Square, on the same floor with Kiddycare. The response is overwhelming and we have lots of kids joining us for the fun these two days.

Let’s see how they are enjoying it. Pictures tell it all.


Kiddy Fun Club – Glass Deco Workshop 1 & 2

It was fun to do such an activity with all the kids. They were eager to learn, and they were never shy to ask for an assistance just to make their masterpiece to look more like a masterpiece.

The first workshop is a Glass Deco workshop. It’s not difficult at all, but it requires a lot of patience from the kids, and a lot of “gentle” to do it nicely and neatly. Parents are encouraged to do it together with the kids. And we have young teachers around them to guide them on the techniques to do it in a better way.


Kiddycare and Crown Square Launching Kiddy Fun Club

Kiddy Fun ClubFun… Fun.. Fun… Attention to all boys and girls who like to create masterpiece of your own…
Kiddycare and Crown Square are joining forces to organize a series of Art Workshop during this school holiday, and it will be carried out all the way till end of June.

Parents can register for their kids who age preferably between 6-12 at Kiddycare Crown Square, with only a registration fee of Rm2 per kid per workshop. All other art materials will be provided during the workshop to the registered participants. Every workshop is limited to 20 participants only. So be sure to register early to avoid disappointment.

Here are the schedule for the workshops:

  1. Glass Deco
    Date: 31 May and 1 June 08
    Time: 3pm
  2. Sand Art
    Date: 7 and 8 June 08
    Time: 3pm
  3. DIY Coin Bank
    Date: 14 and 15 June 08
    Time: 3pm
  4. Badge Making
    Date: 21 and 22 June 08
    Time: 3pm
  5. Clay Painting
    Date: 28 and 29 June 08
    Time: 3pm

Call us at 082-338400 if you would like to know more about these workshops.