Bumble Bee Disposable Breast Pads

Bumble Bee has launched a new innovative product with their November 09 promotion worldwide. It is also published in one of the leading Malaysia’s Baby Magazines Mami Baby  –  Get 1 box of complementary Bumble Bee Disposable Breast Pads (36pcs) worth Rm31.90 when you buy a box of Bumble Bee PP Breastmilk Bottles (8pcs).

This is really an amazing offer that should attract most of the nursing mothers. Cost-saving and worry-saving at the same time. Hence we are so eager to share with you all that this Promo Package has just arrived at our Wisma Saberkas outlet just this afternoon!

Don’t worry, it will reach our Crown Square outlet very soon too.

Fresh and hot yeah?  Get it while stock lasts.

You can click on the thumbnails above to view the actual media advertisement of this Launching Special.


Video Sharing: How to Get Started Breastfeeding

We came across this great video online and would like to share with all mothers that are keen in breastfeeding. Take a look, the drawing is clear making it easy to understand, it can serve as a good reminder on some basic breastfeeding steps and knowledge.

Transcript is also available for your convenient reading and a great help to follow the video, continue reading below… (updated: saw the green arrow on the top right corner? Click that and you will be able to see the transcript of the narration at the same time when the video is playing too…nice aid!)

Something is not shown in the video is that, you can actually get a lot of nursing aids to ease your breastfeeding journey. One example, the nursing pillow, put it underneath the baby and it can prop baby up to a comfortable position so that mummy will not feel too much pressure on the arms to hold the baby. Nursing pillow is useful and always comes in handy for breastfeeding mothers, and can be helpful for daddies to bottle-feed too. You can always get one in Mummycare outlets.